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Pixfra Arc A613

Pixfra Arc A613

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Compact, Lightweight, and Cost-Effective

Featuring a sensitive 640×512, 12µm, <30mK NETD thermal sensor and a powerful 13mm f1.0 objective lens, the NEW Pixfra Arc A613 will achieve a detection range of up to 670m, spotting even the smallest heat signature at long-range and presenting a stunning thermal picture on to a full colour 1440×1080 OLED display. The Arc A613 is packed with a range of features designed to enhance your observation experience, including a built-in video recorder, multiple colour palettes, and even screen sharing through the Pixfra app.


Powerful Thermal Optics

The Pixfra Arc A613 offers pro-grade thermal imaging capabilities in a compact, lightweight, and most importantly, cost-effective device. Featuring a highly sensitive 640×512, 12µm, <30mK NETD thermal sensor and a powerful 13mm objective lens, this thermal imaging monocular achieves stunning optics and an impressive 670m detection range; keeping you well informed when it comes to activity within the field of view and presenting a crisp and clear thermal image onto a full colour 1440×1080 OLED display.


Hours of Effective Observation

The Arc A613 features two replaceable, rechargeable batteries, each with a 6.5 battery capacity — meaning you can keep your observations going well into the night without worrying about recharging.


Share the View

The Arc A613 is designed to enhance the viewing experience during group observations thanks to its ability to connect to four smart devices via the free Pixfra app. Through this intuitive app, the Arc can share its screen with up to four people located within 20m of the device — so, when one person spots an object or animal of interest, all four members of the group can observe at the same time, without having to share the device’s viewfinder.


The app is FREE to download for both Android and iOS.


Comfort & Portability

Designed first and foremost for comfort and resilience, the Arc A613 features an ergonomically designed bodyshell and convenient button arrangement, ensuring easy operation and comfortable observations over long periods.


Weighing less than 350g, the Arc A613 remains incredibly lightweight, reducing the likelihood of fatigue when in-hand and fitting comfortably in a pack or pocket when not in use.


A robust magnesium alloy casing offers protection against the everyday bumps and scrapes that occur in the field, and its IP67 waterproof rating means the device can be used in any conditions, withstanding a splash and protecting it against water ingress.


Plus, for those who need to venture into challenging environments, the Arc A613 will even remain unaffected in extreme temperatures from –30 °C to +50 °C.

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