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Zeiss Secacam 5

Zeiss Secacam 5

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Our environment is full of surprises. Many of them happen without us being able to take notice of them. Especially the animal world shows itself the most vivid beyond human presence. The wildlife cameras from ZEISS provide you with an insight into these hidden worlds through detailed and high-contrast images. Whether placed in nature or in the garden: Thanks to the broadcast capability, you'll discover nature in a new way - even if you can't be there.

The trail cameras from ZEISS provide you with an insight into nature through detailed and high-contrast images. Thanks to the infrared flash with 60 black LEDs and the extremely light-sensitive photo sensor, the ZEISS Secacam trail cameras manage to record sharp, excellently illuminated photos and videos even in complete darkness.

The compact design and light weight of the ZEISS Secacam 5 allow you to mount the camera in tight spots, trees, bushes or other inaccessible places. This allows it to be used in different types of terrain and habitats.

Attractive and fair price structures are available for the ZEISS Secacams. You can choose between a prepaid service and various service packages that you can cancel monthly. No contracts, no hidden fees, no fine print.


Attach securely

Simply mount the trail camera to its location using a strap, cable lock, or tripod thread (not included) and start monitoring right away thanks to plug-and-play functionality. All batteries, SD card, and SIM card are already installed.


Easy to activate

The ZEISS Secacams 5 & 7 are easy to operate even without extensive technical knowledge – their intelligent default settings are already perfect for most applications. If you do want to change something, however, the large color display and the backlit keys make it easy.


Connect effortlessly

In the last step, simply link your ZEISS Secacam with the ZEISS Secacam app. Enter the activation code included with the camera in the app to connect the two. From now on, you're ready to start monitoring your observation ground in the highest image quality.

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